How to House Train Your Puppy

I want to give you a little background on me and tell you a bit about the Potty & Crate training video I have posted.

  1. This video has been favorably reviewed by Board Certified Veterinary Behaviorist Dr Scott Line
  2. The lesson is under 10 minutes in length

Prior to being a Realtor, I:

  1. Spent 30+ years as a dog trainer and behaviorist
  2. Wrote a book about training for the veterinary industry, still sold by AAHA (American Animal Hospital Assn)
  3. Did lectures across the country on training animals at veterinary conferences

None of the dogs in any of my videos were trained prior to the shoot. I hope you enjoy this one.

Whether you call it house training or potty training, they both mean the same thing. You want your puppy to learn that she/he should do their business OUTSIDE. Click on the link below to watch the 9+ minute potty and crate training video I made back in 2002 that showcases the basics without a lot of fluff.

Please note, times have changed. Although the video shows crate training using a piece of cardboard to divide a larger crate, todays crates have what is called “Life Stages” for larger dogs.