Why Move to Texas?

There was a time in my life when I loved living in Illinois, but times have changed.  The increase in crime and taxes along with not enjoying winters as much as I once did brought us to Texas where I work as a Realtor®.  I still enjoy four seasons, just not as severe.  Life is slower here and that took me a while to get used to, now I love it.  It’s nice to stop and smell the roses of life.  I invite you to visit to see if you too might enjoy lower taxes and a bit slower, relaxing lifestyle.


  • No State income taxes

Coming from Illinois, for example, that means a nearly 5% savings on your current income.

  • One of the most affordable states in the country

Lower property taxes, no state income tax (Upper Illinois example)

Kane County Taxes

Data for IL Tax Comparison

  • Lots of friendly, helpful people

There are many quaint, safe, small towns to live in, eat, shop and meet friendly people.  If you prefer, 6 of the 20 largest cities are also in Texas.

  • The economy is doing very well

Texas leads the country in business relocations and a lot of them are coming to North Dallas.  Means lots of employment opportunities.

  • Several top-ranked Universities

Baylor, Southern Methodist, Texas A&M, University of Texas, Rice.

  • Lots of recreational possibilities

    • Hunting, fishing, sports of all kinds (especially football)
    • Beautiful rivers to tube in every summer
    • Breathtaking state and national parks
    • Most amazing waterpark in the world
    • Texas BBQ


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