Why Move to Texas?

There was a time in my life when I loved living in Illinois, but times have changed.  The increase in crime and taxes along with not enjoying winters as much as I once did brought us to Texas where I work as a Realtor®.  I still enjoy four seasons, just not as severe.  Life is slower here and that took me a while to get used to, now I love it.  It’s nice to stop and smell the roses of life.  I invite you to visit to see if you too might enjoy lower taxes and a bit slower, relaxing lifestyle.


  • No State income taxes

Coming from Illinois, for example, that means a nearly 5% savings on your current income.

  • One of the most affordable states in the country

Lower property taxes, no state income tax (Upper Illinois example)

Illinois Taxes vs Texas 2018 (Chart)

Illinois Taxes vs Texas 2018 (Table)

  • Lots of friendly, helpful people

There are many quaint, safe, small towns to live in, eat, shop and meet friendly people.  If you prefer, 6 of the 20 largest cities are also in Texas.

  • The economy is doing very well

Texas leads the country in business relocations and a lot of them are coming to North Dallas.  Means lots of employment opportunities.

  • Several top-ranked Universities

Baylor, Southern Methodist, Texas A&M, University of Texas, Rice.

  • Lots of recreational possibilities

    • Hunting, fishing, sports of all kinds (especially football)
    • Beautiful rivers to tube in every summer
    • Breathtaking state and national parks
    • Most amazing waterpark in the world
    • Texas BBQ


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